How to Change Your Genetic Expression with Lifestyle Choices

How to Change Your Genetic Expression with Lifestyle Choices

Of the many relationships we have in our lives, one of the most significant ones is with our parents. Even if your relationship with your parents has been less than ideal, we cannot change the fact that our biological parents share genes with us that determine what we look like, how we age, and even how our hormones behave.

When I was a child, I struggled a lot with my health and my skin. My parents took me to a number of allergy and skin specialists, but I still found no relief. Even though we lived a healthy lifestyle on an organic farm, many members of my family suffer from allergies. My genetic predisposition to allergies continued to negatively impact me until I discovered natural medicine and its ability to change our genetic expression.

We can’t change our genes, but we do have more control over them than we used to believe. Now we know that our lifestyle choices can significantly impact our genetic expression. We are able to turn our genes on and off, which can help us prevent diseases that plagued our family members.

Use these tips as a starting point to gain valuable clues about your health now and in the future. 

Know Your Family History

A family health history is a record of health information about you and your close relatives. It is recommended to have records that include information from three generations of relatives. However, if that isn’t possible, do the best you can. This includes parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings, aunts, and uncles. 

Here are questions you can ask your parents and other family members to get a clearer picture of your health history:

  • What medical conditions run in our family? 
  • What is our ethnic background?
  • Has anyone in our family experienced mental illness? (Family members often forget to include this in “medical conditions” so it’s good to ask this separately)
  • How old were your parents when they passed away and what did they die from?
  • Did you experience health issues while you were pregnant with me?
  • Did I have any childhood health issues that I don’t know about? 
  • (Women) – For your mother, grandmother, and older sisters and aunts (if applicable) – How old were you when you went through menopause and did you use hormone therapy?

Knowing this health history will help you make healthy choices in your life. It will also help your healthcare provider understand more about your health and what you might be dealing with. 

Let’s use gut health as an example. Your gut microbiome in particular affects several parts of your health, including your hormones, mental health, your biological age, and your skin. 

Your gut microbiota started developing when you were in your mother’s womb and continued to evolve with every point of contact you’ve had with microorganisms. This includes the birth method, nursing approach, medications, diet, pet exposure, and hygiene practices. These exposures have laid an important foundation for your health – however, many diseases of the gut are conditions inherited by genetics. 

As you can see, so much influences gut health, but you can make decisions that influence what has already happened. 

Knowing your family history will help you know what genetic predispositions you may have. You can also do genetic testing to see if you have certain genes that put you at a higher risk. It doesn’t mean you will have the disease, especially if you live a healthy lifestyle and take certain supplements to change the ways your genes express themselves.

What Can I Do?

After getting a clear picture of trends in your family, you can take action with lifestyle habits that support your needs. You have complete control and can change unhealthy behaviors. That includes not smoking, getting regular exercise, reducing toxin exposures, and eating nutritious food. 

The next step you can take is to get regular screening tests and labs done to measure where you are right now. In your lab work, you’ll be able to determine if you need supplements or other therapies to resolve issues now – and what you’re at risk for. 

This may seem like a big task – so let’s break it down into manageable steps you can take every day. Here are six ways you can influence what your genes are doing, no matter how you’re programmed. 

  • Strive to make more positive choices than negative choices, but don’t beat yourself up for eating your favorite sweet treat every once in a while. 
  • Do what makes you feel good – as long as it supports your health! That might be having a spa night with The Daily Essentials, going for a long walk with your dog, or reading a book. 
  • Take a time out. Allow yourself alone time when you need it to reset and reevaluate the choices you deserve to make for yourself.
  • Listen to your body. Rest when you need to, and don’t skip sleep. For occasional sleeplessness, try Serene Sleep Chewables – they’re great-tasting, lemon-flavored tablets formulated to support a relaxed mind and full night’s rest.*
  • Limit stress. Stress has a big impact on your health and should be reduced as much as possible before it becomes chronic. You may also want to take supplements with adaptogenic herbs.
  • Meditate. Meditation promotes peace and calm in your body and mind.

It’s important to remember that while your family health history provides valuable insights about the risk of certain health issues, having relatives with a condition does not mean that you will get it. And if a disease doesn’t run in your family, you may still be at risk for it. The best defense is a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This is even more important if you are unable to research or get information about your family history.

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