October 2019 Podcast Round-Up


Happy Halloween! It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is officially just around the corner. During the holidays, with all that is going on, it is sometimes difficult to focus on minding our health. If you missed the October episodes of The Spa Dr. Podcast, catch up next month; maybe it will help you stay focused and balanced during this joyful, but sometimes stressful, time of year! Here’s what you missed.

Overcoming Sadness and Despair

During the first week of the month, I tackled a serious topic that is also one of the leading causes of death in the United States. It is the second leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 44 years old, and on average, one person dies every 12 minutes from it: suicide. It is an epidemic that isn’t talked about enough.

If you are depressed, struggling, and you’re having suicidal thoughts, go get help. It’s really important for you to talk to someone. Sometimes it’s just a matter of talking to someone and having someone there to listen to you, and other times there are hormonal imbalances that trigger these emotions. If you have ever wondered, “am I enough?”, I encourage you to listen to this episode—and learn how you can find support for depression.

A Holistic Approach to Aging with Dr. Anthony Youn

My first guest of the month on The Spa Dr. Podcast was Dr. Anthony Youn, known as “America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon.” I was so happy to have repeat guest Dr. Youn on the show discussing less invasive alternatives to plastic surgery that can be used safely to look younger. We cover everything from food and skin care routines, including devices you can effectively use at home, to in-office procedures that slow visible results of aging.

I have received so many comments and questions from my followers about these procedures, it is great to have Dr. Youn’s perspective on what really is safe and effective. And, I don’t think you want to miss the compelling story Dr. Youn even shares about the real truth behind plastic surgery, and what inspired him to take a more natural approach.

Lyme, Mold, and Depression with Dr. Jaquel Patterson

On October 17, I interviewed Dr. Jaquel Patterson, the president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. As a child, Dr. Patterson saw her mother’s struggle with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and noticed many unmet needs with conventional medical treatments. This experience instilled in her great hope for a different and more holistic way to provide care.

In this interview, Dr. Patterson shares what it is like to be the president of the AANP and why it’s such an important time for access to safe and effective natural medicine. After that, we discuss how Lyme, mold, and depression. I think you’ll find it really interesting how it all ties together. Instead of looking at the body as isolated organs, it’s important to know how they all work together. So many times the different systems of the body are discussed as though they are isolated, when in reality, they’re all interconnected, and they work together.

Dr. Patterson and I discuss this in addition to how to address the root cause of health issues and restoring balance for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. And of course, I tie it back to skin care! Skin is just an outer reflection of what’s going on with our overall health. Dermatology should not be totally separate from everything else that we do with our health, but rather one of the first signs on the outside. Like the tick-borne illnesses we discussed, skin is usually the first sign that something is wrong on the inside.

Celebrity Confidence Boosting Tips

Last week, I did something a little bit different and shared two interviews I recently did at a 2019 pre-Emmy Awards event, Eco-Luxe Lounge, in Beverly Hills, CA.

The first interview was with Carolyn Hennesy, an American soap opera actress, author, and animal advocate. She is known for her role as Diane Miller on the daytime TV series General Hospital, for which she earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.

The second interview was with Brooke Anne Smith, an American actress known for her lead series regular role on two seasons of Tyler Perry’s Too Close To Home. She is also known for her recurring role on MTV’s hit show, Awkward.

I wanted to highlight these women because they both exude so much inner radiance, and that confidence really shines through them. It takes a lot of courage to be on camera like these TV actors, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to pick their brains for confidence-boosting tips.

I asked them a few simple questions, including:

  • What is your superpower?
  • What is real beauty?
  • What is your favorite self-care practice?

If you want to hear their celebrity answers, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Self-Care Wrap-Up

On today’s podcast, if you enjoyed this month’s Self-Care Rx blog series, you can catch the recap in today’s episode of The Spa Dr. podcast.

And we have a treat for you in today’s podcast that you DON’T want to miss!

I really appreciate your support of The Spa Dr. Podcast. Each episode brought to you is my way of helping you reclaim your most vibrant health. It is never too late to start caring about your body, mind, and spirit! If you have been enjoying the podcast, thank you. And if you haven’t listened just yet, I hope that you will listen to an episode and see what you think!

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