Top 10 The Spa Dr. Podcasts of 2018

Are you a new listener to The Spa Dr podcasts? Or maybe you are worried you missed some episodes throughout the year? Well today I have a treat for you! I have put together a summary of the top 10 podcast episodes from the year so you can easily watch all of the replays in one place.

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The Spa Dr. Top 10 Podcasts of 2018


#1 – Fasting, Hormones and Skin with Dr. Felice L. Gersh

In this podcast, we cover the various types of fasting, how they work, and Dr. Gersh shares what the results have been with her patients, particularly women with hormonal imbalances. We also touch on why birth control pills are an unhealthy choice for hormones, aging and skin.

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#2 – Glowing Skin and Health through Autophagy with Naomi Whittel

In this episode, we’re discussing graceful aging and glowing skin through autophagy. I know that might sound like a funny word, but it’s one you’re going to want to know about because of the tremendous impact it can have on your health and your skin.

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#3 – How to Drop Belly Fat with Kellyann Petrucci

In this podcast episode, we talk about why belly fat is dangerous for your health and what you can do to finally get rid of it … And, here’s a bonus, the solution is also great for your skin.

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#4 – Slow Aging with Holistic Plastic Surgeon Anthony Youn

In this podcast Dr. Anthony Youn and I discuss his tips on how to slow down aging from a holistic plastic surgeon’s perspective.

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#5 – Stress, Mindfulness and Your Skin with Dr. Trevor Cates

In this podcast, I discuss how skin problems can affect us on an emotional level, and also how stress can affect our skin. I share tips to increase your mindfulness and reduce your stress to help keep your skin healthy and clear.

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#6 – Fertility, Hormones and Your Skin with Dr. Katie Rose

In this interview, we discuss the root causes that are similar to both skin issues and infertility, and Dr. Rose shares a naturopathic approach to treating infertility for both men and women. We cover how hormones and your skin are inherently linked and how you can pay attention to those details.

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#7 – The Toxic Effects of Mold with Dr. Jill Crista

In this podcast episode, Dr. Crista explains what symptoms to look for to know if you may have been exposed to mold (including signs that show up on your skin) and how to address both the mold in your environment and the symptoms that may be lingering after exposure.

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#8 – PRP Facials and Stem Cells with Dr. Amy Killen

On today’s podcast, we’re talking about regenerative therapies for skin, hair and sexual function, specifically stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection therapies. I’ve had today’s guest on before, but it’s been a few years, so I wanted her back on to share the latest in these procedures.

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#9 – Women’s Health, Hormones and Skin with Dr. Zen

In this podcast episode, we discuss how hormonal changes impact our health and skin. We also cover how to address symptoms of hormonal imbalances naturally. We discuss healthy lifestyle practices that are key, and we cover bioidentical hormones

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#10 – The Microbiome Solution with Naveen Jain

On this episode, Naveen shares how we can come together to solve the world’s problems, including healthcare. He shares about the exciting research on the microbiome and the potential it has for preventing and reversing many chronic diseases. And what his company is working on to continue to address the healthcare crisis.

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Were any of these one of your favorite episodes? I’d love to know which ones were the most impactful in your lives.

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