Can Sodas Be Healthy with Ben Goodwin from OLIPOP

Can Sodas Be Healthy with Ben Goodwin from OLIPOP

The best source of hydration is through drinking clean water. But, I often get asked if there are any other healthy beverage options. Sodas are typically loaded with sugar which suppresses the immune system, speeds up the aging process, and leads to unhealthy weight gain. So, is there such a thing as a healthy soda? To explore this conversation, I invited today’s guest on the podcast…

My guest is Ben Goodwin who is a product developer who has been formulating natural products for over 14 years, and this includes OLIPOP which is his third entrepreneurial beverage venture. He’s deeply driven by the mission of maximizing human health and consciousness on a mass scale using accessible health products as a vehicle for positive change. When not tinkering on products in his Northern California forest dwelling, which you’ll see in his interview.

On today’s interview, we discuss the problems with most sodas and Ben shares how he came up with an innovative way to avoid the sugar and artificial ingredients commonly found in sodas, and, instead, include healthy ingredients like fiber and still make a tasty drink. As you can imagine, this isn’t an easy task…

So please enjoy this interview…

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