Chinese Medicine and Facial Teishin with Dr. Ellerie Nagy


On Today’s podcast we’re discussing Chinese Medicine and Facial Teishin as natural beauty tools.

My guest is Dr. Ellerie Jean Nagy who is a Naturopathic Doctor, East Asian Practitioner, cosmetic acupuncturist, and maker of the facial teishin beauty wand. She believes beauty is a feeling of empowerment, authenticity, flow, glow, and ease. With her combined background in biomedical engineering, art, and natural medicine she finds creative health solutions utilizing the best in both ancient and modern medicine. To help her patients achieve results, she educates them in beauty tools, skin care, food as medicine, and natural medicine.

In this interview, Dr. Ellerie explains patterns on the face and what skin issues (such as eczema and acne) showing up on specific areas can reveal and how to address them using Chinese medicine and natural medicine. She also does a demonstration of how to use her facial teishin beauty wand for a self-facial. I follow along with her and you’ll send at the end how relaxed we are and the impact it has on our skin.
This is such a great facial treatment for both personal use and we’re starting to train select estheticians on how to provide The Spa Dr. Signature facial using facial teishin.
So, please enjoy this interview and be sure you watch until the very end so you can watch the facial teishin demo!

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