Fasting, Hormones and Skin with Dr. Felice L. Gersh

Felish Gersho, Fasting, Hormones, and Skin on The Spa Dr. Podcast

On today’s podcast, we’re covering fasting, hormones and skin.

My guest is Dr. Felice L. Gersh, M.D. who is Board Certified both in OB/GYN and in Integrative Medicine. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a medical degree from the University of Southern California School of Medicine, and a 2 year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona School of Medicine. Dr. Gersh has dedicated her career to women, focusing on the aspects of women’s health which are unique, under-appreciated, and poorly managed. She is the  Medical Director of the innovative Integrative Medical Group of Irvine. Dr. Gersh has been featured on numerous health movies, including Fasting, on web summits, podcasts, and radio shows, and has her own segment, A Healthy Perspective, heard weekly on Los Angeles AM radio, KRLA 870 and is a monthly regular on the popular radio show, Parents are Hard to Raise. Her first book, on a revolutionary approach to PCOS, is due out this Fall.

On today’s podcast, we cover the various types of fasting, how they work and Dr. Gersh shares what the results have been with her patients, particularly women with hormonal imbalances. We also touch on why birth control pills are an unhealthy choice for hormones, aging and skin.

So please enjoy this interview…

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Reader Interactions

  1. Thanks Dr. Cates! This podcast and convo with Dr. Gersh was extremely informative and educational. I’m a new intermittent faster and loved the feedback on its benefits plus those of a longer 4-5 days fast. It’s good to finally understand the full benefits of both.

  2. Loved Dr Gersh’s podcast – valuable on all levels; am hitting 50 soon and all the changes are happening and am feeling out of control so will try restricting eating.
    Very interested in another podcast with Dr Gersh on the pill / alternatives / polycystic ovaries. I’m sure my nieces will be very interested in that!

  3. I thought the pancreas produced insulin so if the pancreas shuts down in the evening how can you get insulin resistance?

  4. What type of fasting are you taking about: no food at all for 3 or 5 days. Can water be used? She didn’t say exactly.

  5. I loved the interview. A few questions: First off, what would happen if a person added coffee to 4 day fast? Also, Just to summarize, the 4 day fast is what rejuvenates organs, the restricted calorie is the 13 hour fast, with the finishing eating for the day by 7:00pm, is more for weight loss with some preventative qualities? Thank you!

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