Fix The Root Cause of Your Fatigue with Dr. Carri Drzyzga


I’m excited to share today’s interview with you. Before I get started, I had a question from Meredith that I’d like to share with you and answer. Meredith says her teenage daughter has acne and her question is:  “How do I know what is really causing my daughter’s acne. Is it her diet or the skincare products she’s using or is it something else?”

After answering this question, I’m introducing you to today’s guest Dr. Carri Drzyzga.

Dr. Carri is a chiropractor and naturopathic doctor, host of the popular podcast “The Functional Medicine Radio Show”, and author of the book Reclaim Your Energy and Feel Normal Again! Fixing the Root Cause of Your Fatigue with Natural Treatments. Dr. Carri is creator of Entrepreneurial Fatigue: How to Fuel Your Brain & Body for Entrepreneurial Success. She has been in private practice since 1996, and is founder of Functional Medicine Ontario in Ottawa, Ontario.

In today’s interview, we discuss the most common causes of fatigue and how to fix it without getting more sleep. And, interestingly, many of these are the same as the causes of common skin problems.



I hope you enjoyed this interview today with Dr. Carri

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