Four Seasons and Harmonious Health With Dallas Hartwig

Four Seasons and Harmonious Health With Dallas Hartwig

On today’s podcast, we’re discussing the four seasons and how to live more harmoniously with them for your health and wellbeing.

My guest is Dallas Hartwig who is well known as cofounder of the wildly popular Whole30 program. He is a functional medicine practitioner, nutritionist, and physical therapist, but his true profession is as a lifelong learner. He has presented over 150 nutrition and physical performance seminars, focusing on catalyzing positive change in people’s lives with research-based recommendations for healthy living. He is the New York Times bestselling author of It Starts With Food and The Whole30. He has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, The View, and Nightline, and his work has been featured in hundreds of print articles worldwide. He now has a new book The Four Season Solution.

In today’s interview, Dallas shares his transition from Whole30 to The Four Seasons and what his research writing his latest book helped reveal about living more in balance. He shares how the seasons tie into specific hormones, and he provides recommendations for sleep, movement, food and relationships that are more in harmony with our natural rhythms.
So please enjoy this interview…

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