Hormones and Your Health with Dr. Kyrin Dunston

hormone health

Today, we’re talking about hormones and your health with my guest OBGYN Dr. Kyrin Dunston.

Dr. Kyrin lost a life changing 100 pounds and healed herself from chronic diseases by addressing the root cause. She shares this revolutionary type of natural medicine with women through her podcast, Her Brilliant Health, and has been featured on NBC, Fox, Huff Post, First for Women and other media outlets. Dr. Kyrin knows that by looking beyond the symptoms and addressing the imbalances causing them, including hormonal balance, toxicity and inflammation, nutritional deficiency and mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance, that any condition can be improved if not ultimately healed.

On today’s podcast, Dr. Kyrin shares her powerful story and how it lead to help her own patients on a different path. She explains why women struggle more with hormonal imbalances than men. And, she shares her approach to balancing hormones and optimizing health. All of this ties in to skin, of course, including a particular hormone that we don’t often talk about that plays a big role in our weight, energy level, mood and skin. You’ll learn all of this in today’s podcast.

So, please enjoy this interview …

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Transcript of Hormones and Your Health

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  1. Excellent PodCast about hormones. Thank you for offering this vital information for health education and promotion.

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