Inspiring and Empowering Women with Nineveh Dinha

Nineveh Dinha has been in the broadcast industry for a decade. She works as a news anchor and reporter at several stations throughout California, Arizona, and Utah, including NBC and FOX. She also recently started her own online magazine called HER Magazine to help inspire and empower women. Her work as a journalist led her to winning industry awards for her coverage, including the Edward R. Murrow award for spot news. As a woman in media, she knows firsthand the pressures of conforming to unrealistic societal ideals. She says, “it’s important to let women know that if we support each other, we can be and do anything. However only we, collectively, have the power to change how the world sees us and treats us.”

Nineveh Dinha created HER Magazine to empower women in business and give them the encouragement they need to be successful. The online magazine is based out of Utah and focuses on different aspects of professional life that women want to read about. Today’s podcast addresses different ways in which Dinha aspires to inspire women in their professional lives with her online magazine as well as in other ways.

In today’s interview, Nineveh Dinha shares what it’s like to be a woman in the media and how she hopes to inspire other women to be the best that they can be. She also shares her top fitness, food and beauty tips and her favorite part about reporting on the news. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to Nineveh Dinha because it gives her the energy to complete hectic workdays without having to rely on unhealthy habits such as caffeine and other stimulants.

Please enjoy the show below!

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