The Mask We Wear with Arnita Champion

The Mask We Wear with Arnita Champion

On today’s podcast, we’re talking about how to remove your mask so you can truly reveal your authentic self.
My guest is Arnita Champion…

At the youthful age of 56 years young, Arnita is a Social Media Personality, Business Owner, Motivational Speaker (Member of The Les Brown Institute Maximum Achievement Team) IFBB Professional Figure Competitor/Athlete, and Certified Personal Trainer.

Arnita first came into the fitness spotlight as an athlete at the early age of 6 where she graced the track with her gazelle like speed. She continued on throughout high school breaking and setting records that remain to be unbroken in the 100 meters, 100 meter hurdles and the long jump.

Arnita Champion is a fitness and wellness influencer, and she reps her 4 “F” Words: FAITH-FITNESS-FOOD-FASHION. Every week Arnita motivates millions to #ChampChange their lives by improving their fitness lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually. She encourages her followers to settle for nothing but the BEST, to take ownership of who they are today and to know WHO they are!

Arnita holds titles of being an IFBB Pro Figure Competitor, a FM|Fitness Model, a World Class Athlete, All American Hurdler All Time Individual Champion, United States Track and Field (USTAF) Elite Athlete, National Pan American Champion, a member of the World Championship team and the top 8 finalist in the 84, 88, and 92 Olympic Trials.

She’s obviously a champion. And, she’s had her struggles too. All of this helps her motivate and inspire others. And, that’s exactly what she does on today’s podcast.

Today, Arnita explains what’s truly behind the need for people to wear a mask (figuratively) and hide their authentic selves. And she shares how self-love helps heal the process.
So please enjoy this interview…

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