Your Skincare Products May be Toxic – Clear Glowing Skin (part 2 of 4)

Today we’re covering the top toxic triggers in skin care products and some shocking ways these may be impacting your health and skin. Although you may think just putting something on your skin isn’t a problem, we actually absorb an astounding amount of chemicals through the skin.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health reported that nearly 900 toxic chemicals are used in skincare and cosmetic products.

One of the biggest issues with many skin products are endocrine disrupting chemicals. EDCs have been linked to a number of health concerns including infertility, lowered sperm counts, obesity, diabetes, menstrual irregularities, early menopause, thyroid imbalance, and certain types of cancers.

10 harmful ingredients to watch for

1. Formaldehyde: A known carcinogen and irritant found in nail products, hair dye, fake eyelash adhesives, and some shampoos.

2. Fragrance/Perfume: A source of hidden chemicals such as phthalates, which is an endocrine disrupting chemicals.

3. Lead: A known carcinogen and hormone disruptor found in certain eyeliners, hair dye, and lipsticks. (never listed because it’s a contaminant, not an ingredient)

4. Mercury: A known irritant and allergen that, with body accumulation over time, can impair the brain and nervous system. Often found in skin lightening creams, mascara, and some eye drops.

5. Parabens (Propyl-, Isopropyl-, Butyl-, and Isobutyl-):  A preservative found in many products.

6. Oxybenzone: Active ingredient in chemical sunscreens that accumulates in fatty tissues and is linked to allergies, hormone disruption, cellular damage, even low birth weight in babies of mothers using it.

7. DEA/TEA/MEA (Ethanolamines): Used as emulsifiers and foaming agents for shampoos, body washes, soaps and topical application has been associated with cancer in animal studies.

8. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS, SLES): A former industrial degreaser now used to make soap foamy, it’s absorbed into the body and irritates skin.

9. Coal Tar: Used in hair dyes. Also, a coal-tar hair dye containing p-phenylenediamine (PPD) can cause dangerous skin reactions in some people.

10. Diethylene glycol (or DEG): A Central Nervous System depressant and potent kidney and liver toxin. Sometimes found in fragrances.

If you can’t put it in your mouth don’t put it on your skin.

There are so many toxic triggers that might be affecting your skin.  Make sure to be careful about what you’re putting in your body (and on).  Don’t be overwhelmed if you feel like you can’t find anything that is toxin free – there are alternatives!

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