Real Skin Stories

Real Skin Stories

In celebration of The Spa Dr.’s fourth birthday, we’re highlighting skin stories from women in our community. Last week, you read my story as the founder and today it’s time to hear skin stories from other women.

We think every woman is beautiful, but most of us have a few blemishes that concern us or that we may even ignore. We asked our customers to participate in a before and after program.

These women were brave enough to share their stories and pictures. They took their own pictures before using The Spa Dr.’s 4-Step Age-Defying Skincare System and then another selfie after 30 days of using the 4-step system twice daily for 30 days. Here are their unedited stories after participating in the 30-day program.

These stories are so important to me because providing real skin care solutions to real skin care challenges is what we aim to do here at The Spa Dr.! I hope that you enjoy these stories, but most importantly, my wish is that you find inspiration to overcome your own skin care challenges. By using clean and natural skin care and mindfully tending to your diet, exercise, and self-care, you can improve the condition of your skin. 

Angela’s Story

“As a 58-year-old woman who works outdoors, I have tried it all. I have been using various skin care systems since my teens. As I have been growing older and realizing the negative effects of the environment and what I eat on my skin, I decided to try organic skin care and eating cleaner. Over the past 5 years, I have tried many nice organic skin products, but I was so happy to finally discover the 4-Step Age-Defying Skincare System. I really appreciate the research that went into creating the products, the wonderful cruelty-free ingredients, and the fact that these products are EWG-verified. Since beginning to use these products, my skin feels softer and my uneven facial skin tone, with age spots, has brightened. Combining the system, wearing 50 SPF, and always wearing a hat while outdoors this past summer, I have noticed that my facial age spots have also begun to fade. I am very happy with the results and I will continue to use these products. Highly recommend!”

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Carrie’s Story 

“I truly love everything about this skincare. I love that it isn’t full of scary ingredients, it doesn’t have an overwhelming scent, and it feels so good on my face! I have noticed better overall skin tone and more even skin color, a decrease in acne, fine lines, and dark spots reduced. It lasts a long time, as you don’t need a ton of product to get the job done. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. My kids (14 and 12) have even told me I look like I’m glowing!!”

skin care side by side

Brianna’s Story

“My skin was cracked, dry, and it hurt to even smile! After one week of using The Spa Dr. Age-Defying Skincare System., I could smile again without pain. I love the feel of the products on my skin and how the serum and moisturizer absorb well. My skin always felt “tight” using the conventional cleansers but not with The Spa Dr. cleanser. My skin feels great, and the texture is getting better, but I was expecting more of a change in my appearance after using the products for 30 days. I definitely saw a reduction in my acne, but I have a lot of post-acne marks. I still had small breakouts while using the products, so I am working to find out my root cause. I had truly hoped that using the Age-Defying Skincare System. alone would fix my face. It would be insanely wonderful to just use miracle products and have great skin without considering your diet and overall lifestyle, but this is definitely not the case for me. I do feel a lot better using the products since they feel great, smell good, and have safe ingredients, so I suggest that people try the 4-Step Age-Defying Skincare System out.”

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Nadia’s Story 

“So far, I’m impressed! The only thing that has not irritated my skin! My skin has noticeably improved and I have fewer breakouts. Still have work to do on my skin, so I’m excited to see how the end result will be!”

skin care side by side before and after

Jocelyn’s Story 

“I tried the four-step system, and overall it is a really great product. Step 1 is my favorite product. My face is very sensitive and becomes dry very easily. This is the only face wash I’ve ever used that didn’t dry out my skin. It’s light, creamy and wonderful! Step 2 and 3 have great texture and smell, but I found that after using them for a week my face felt a little irritated (but like I said, I am super sensitive!). Step 4 facial oil is my next favorite in this system, the oil is light, has a great smell and really does give a little glow. The whole system is definitely worth a try as what we put on our skin matters, and this is a truly great product. As for me, I’m sticking with Step 1 and 4, they are great!!”

skin care before and after

Jennifer’s Story

Lastly, I want to share a story with you from Jennifer Garn. Jennifer has been on The Spa Dr. Podcast and has shared her story before. She first reached out to me with a comment on The Spa Dr. Facebook page, and I was inspired by her story and her skin care challenges because they were so similar to the stories I have heard through the years from my patients. You can learn more about her story in her own words below. 

“I was very, very oily. I couldn’t go a day without a shower. I would wake up and it was just like my body had just unleashed oil all night long, and I couldn’t wait to wash my face. I couldn’t dream of going anywhere without showering my hair. I was desperate. If there was a skincare system advertised, if you had skin care for clear skin, and you sent me samples in the mail, I was signing up. I mean, I don’t even want to think about how much money we spent on skincare solutions. I also knew that I wasn’t healthy in general, and on YouTube, a video popped up about the impact of food on your skin. I thought this is what I have been searching for! I listened to that video and it was by Dr. Cates. She explained not only which foods may trigger skin and why they are a trigger. I have a biology degree, but something spoke to me hearing how food literally impacted my insides. It’s was truly empowering in my path to healing, just having that knowledge. That was what started my skin care journey.

Being able to put on a skincare system that really helped to heal wasn’t the only solution. I couldn’t just use the skin care system and say, voila, no more acne or eczema! Instead, what I was able to experience was a cleanser that wasn’t stripping my skin. It was instead allowing my microbiome to begin to heal and my skin. Ultimately, if you believe that it’s possible, then I think you’re willing to do what it takes to heal your skin.”

If you want to hear Jennifer’s full story, you can watch the video below.

What is your skin story? I would love if you shared your personal skin story in the comments section and what you are doing to improve your skin and health.

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