Skin Tips for the Men in Your Life

Skin Tips for the Men in Your Life

It is a common myth that skin care is only for women, but men also need to take the health of their skin seriously. After all, the skin is our largest organ and may exhibit clues about our internal health. With Father’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to reflect on what the men in our lives mean to us. It is also a great time to help the fathers that we love to develop a natural skin care routine that is simple and protective. Men tend to have thicker skin than women, and because they don’t wear makeup, their routine tends to be simpler. A man’s skin care routine can be broken down into four simple steps that won’t take a lot of time but will have a big impact on skin health and appearance.


Cleansing your skin in the morning and at night helps to remove debris and balances oils and microorganisms on your skin. With it being our protection to the outside world, skin perspires and comes into contact with, pollution and dirt every day!. It is important that these toxins and debris be removed at the end of the day with a cleanser that does not strip skin of its moisture or disturb the pH balance Cleansing in the morning helps to remove perspiration from the night before, and it’s also important to cleanse in the evening to get a fresh face before bedtime.


After cleansing, it is time to shave (unless you’re maintaining a beard!). Basic shaving can be quick, but a shave that benefits your skin requires some knowledge, plus a little bit of trial and error. The best time to shave is after a shower when your skin is softened and free of excess sebum. You can apply shaving cream with your fingers or a shaving brush. Let the shaving cream sit for a few minutes to soften hair for easier removal, and be sure to shave in the direction that your hair grows to prevent razor burn and red bumps. Don’t forget to rinse your razor with each swipe to get the cleanest shave. Changing your blade often will help minimize irritation.  

You can make your own natural shaving cream with this moisturizing recipe!

Natural DIY Men’s Shaving Cream




In a small saucepan, melt shea butter and coconut oil on low-medium heat. Once melted, remove from heat and add The Spa Dr. Step 1 and Step 4. Whisk together. While still liquid, pour into a small jar and place in refrigerator until solid. Remove from refrigerator and store and use at room temperature. Makes enough for about 4 – 6 uses.


After gently rinsing away your shaving cream, apply a gentle moisturizer like The Spa Dr. RENEW: Enriched Moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin in the morning and at night helps to maintain smooth, hydrated skin and prevents water loss that causes dryness and leads to the appearance of aging skin. Plus, in the morning after applying a good natural moisturizer, you will wake up looking refreshed and renewed!


Unfortunately, men are less likely to use sun protection than women, including sunscreen and protective clothing. Excessive sun exposure generates free radicals in the skin and leads to damage. Sun exposure can also lead to sunburn, premature aging, and even skin cancer.  It is estimated by the Skin Cancer Foundation that in 2019, more than 7,000 people will die from melanoma and of these, more than 4,500 will be men. Sun protection is essential to minimize the risk of skin cancer and it also has anti-aging benefits.

What is your skin type?

If you are experiencing skin issues and want to go the extra mile, identifying your skin type will help you get to the root cause of your issues. By reading through a brief description of each type – Amber, Olivia, Heath, Emmett, and Sage – you can figure out what else your skin needs. You can also find out by taking The Spa Dr.’s Skin Quiz.

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