5 Scary Toxins to Avoid and Healthy, Natural Alternatives

5 Scary Toxins to Avoid and Healthy, Natural Alternatives

How many beauty and body care products do you use on your body every day? The Environmental Working Group notes that women use an average of 12 products a day. Most of these products contain toxic chemicals – and it’s scary to think they’re hiding in your hair, skin, and oral care products! Even products labeled “natural” hide toxic chemicals and ingredients in them. Luckily, we know a lot more today than we did even five years ago about what to avoid. 

Top 5 Toxins to Avoid

1. Fragrance

One of the most important toxins to avoid in personal care products is fragrance. We all like to smell good; however, synthetic fragrances contain hormone-disrupting chemicals. Fragrances are one of the top five allergens in the world and they’re usually listed under other names. The problem here is that multiple ingredients can go into one fragrance. 

2. Formaldehyde 

Formaldehyde is used to make many household products and is commonly used in beauty products as a preservative. It’s also used to extend the shelf life of the product. Some studies show formaldehyde is present in deodorants, cosmetics, skin care, and even toothpaste.

3. Mineral oil

Mineral oil is also called petroleum, petroleum jelly, and paraffin oil. It’s widely considered safe for use and is especially common in lipstick. The issue is mineral oils are derived from crude oil and may contain impurities. Mineral oil can also accumulate in the body.

4. Parabens

Parabens are used to extend the shelf life of products. For manufacturers, they’re very inexpensive to use. However, parabens are widely debated in skin care and other personal products. There’s evidence that parabens are estrogen-mimicking chemicals that pose certain health risks. To find parabens on the label, they can be found under many names, such as propylparaben, benzylparaben, methylparaben, isobutylparaben, and butylparaben.

5. DEA, MEA, and TEA

DEA, MEA, and TEA are used to make skin care products creamy and foamy. These ingredients can react with other chemicals to form carcinogens. DEA is actually banned in Europe and Canada. However, it is still used regularly in the United States. On the label, DEA, MEA, and TEA might also be listed by names such as triethanolamine and diethanolamine. 

You can find other ingredients to avoid in my books, Clean Skin From Within and Natural Beauty Reset– or you can download this Skin Care Ingredients Shopping Guide.

Natural Choices for Skin, Hair, and Oral Care 

The good news today is that we know more than we ever have about toxins in beauty products and how they damage our bodies on the outside and the inside. That means there are more natural products on the market than ever to choose from for skin care, hair care, and oral care

One of my favorite brands for hair care and oral care is Wellnesse – founded by Katie Wells of the Wellness Mama blog. Katie is a mom who has spent more than a decade creating and perfecting safe, all-natural formulas in her kitchen. Her work started because she wanted to create products for her own family. Now, she’s making non-toxic toothpaste, hair products, and more. Katie has created toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and other products that are  GMO-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. 

Hair Care

It’s hard to find a dry shampoo that is just right. One issue is that most dry shampoos include harsh chemicals. These toxins and chemicals can actually make the hair and scalp unhealthier. They can clog pores, create dandruff, and cause other skin issues. 

Wellnesse dry shampoo uses natural kaolin clay and volume-boosting tapioca instead of toxic chemicals. In addition, Wellnesse has cleansing shampoos that contain nettle leaf extract to support growth and prevent breakage, while keratin and quinoa smooth and condition hair. 

For those with wavy hair, you probably know how hard it is to find something that enhances your beautiful, bouncy waves. Most hair care products are tailored to straight hair or curly hair, so it can be challenging to find something both healthy and made for wavy hair. Wellnesse’s smoothing formula for waves locks in hydration and tames wild hair. With chamomile and rice extract, along with keratin amino acids, this is the perfect duo to help moisturize and give your curls a boost. 

Oral Care

Whitening toothpaste often contains harsh ingredients such as abrasives and bleaching agents. Wellness all-natural mineralizing toothpaste cleans and whitens teeth, soothes sensitive gums, and leaves your breath feeling minty. Wellnesse Whitening toothpaste has a naturally-occurring compound called hydroxyapatite, which helps support tooth enamel. 

Natural Skin Care 

To swap out skin care for an option without toxins, try out The Daily Essentials Skin Care System. At The Spa Dr., we use a nourishing blend of more than 30 organic and natural ingredients for products that nourish, protect and revive the skin in four simple steps. Our products are certified clean and EWG Verified™ – which means you’ll know exactly what’s going on your skin. 

The Daily Essentials Skin Care System contains ingredients that your skin will love – and you’ll have peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about harmful or scary chemicals. Every step is  pH-balanced between 4.5-5 to protect, hydrate, and enhance healthy, glowing skin. This is important because using products with a pH level over 5.5 can dry it out – and make it prone to rashes, eruptions, and premature aging.

Toxins might be hiding in our beauty products, but there are many natural alternatives available. Empower yourself to make safer choices by learning about these toxins and examining the ingredients you use in your personal care routine. Wellnesse and The Spa Dr. do not contain toxic ingredients, so you can feel confident about what you’re using.

The Spa Dr.® Approach

At The Spa Dr.®, our approach is to help shine the light on the skin and health care information and offer our guidance to support you on your journey.

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The Spa Dr.® offers natural skin care products that are safe and free from chemicals and toxins that can harm your skin and health. Our products are formulated to contain key nutrients in their pure and active form to provide optimal results. In addition, our products are pH balanced towards mild acidity to promote and protect a healthy skin microbiome.

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